Joey Kern

Editor-in-chief-ish. Consultant. Vicarious cat-owner.


Dujie Tahat

Obsessively re-reads his own content.. Ethnicity unstable. May or may not be credible as a hip-hop artist down the road.



Stephen Toyofuku

Native Hawaiian and house chef. Avid rollerblader. You can find him at your local Asian store smelling everything.


Shea Hurley



Hari Raghavan

Bay area magnate. As insightful as he is vulgar. Catch him Malcolm Gladwell-ing all up in this piece.


Richael Best

Eats books alive. Left-handed. May teach you how to twerk if you know how to split an infinitive correctly and say please.


Nick Leppmann

Real artist. He’s still not sure why he’s doing this.

Dylan Tull

Drake Shake connoisseur. An Edward R. Murrow in the making.


Podmaster & Sound Engineer

Kevin Strong-Holte

Very Aryan. The only one with actual skills, without whom we’d be lost. 



Mike Tuon

Shrimp seller. Division I basketball player. If you get locked out of your car, he can probably fix that.

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