Welcome to LuckSwing, a blog about culture, sports, and politics!

What we do

This site was initially set up as a baseball blog. Then we added basketball, so it became a SPORTS! blog. We quickly realized, however, that we had lots of opinions about stuff other than SPORTS! So we’ve recently expanded to covering film, television, music and politics. As we staff up, we hope to offer diverse points of views on the things we all consume everyday via the beneficent, omnipresent social media feeds that won’t let us go!

While we tend to write long form–between 1,000-2,800 words–our focus will always be on quality writing. Both structurally and at the sentence level.

If reading is not your thing, or you’re a superfan, we podcast more frequently. The Luckswing Podcast Channel has a variety of shows to meet all your interests. See here for more details.

Why we do it

This site has been established as a refuge for the countless millions who, having already rabidly consumed a day’s content from their favorite credible blogs- have buried their noses in a 75 slide long power ranking on a certain unnamed site for the top 75 second basemen in the independent leagues.

Think of this site as a stay against that feeling of quiet desperation that allows twitter feeds to be elevated to editorial leads, and squirrels elevated to political leaders.

The posts on this site are opinions, but we hope that these opinions are at the very least rooted in something resembling actual statistical and qualitative analysis. If you disagree, all the better! If there is anything better than the blissful escapism of professional sports, politics, and television/film, it is the time we spend arguing over our perspectives within that escape.

If you ever exist, reader, please feel free to engage with the material we post here in a meaningful way. Let’s start a community here that doesn’t suck completely.  If I see anyone post some comment like “Pete the cheat, Cheathawks, or Kaeper-dick” then I will have no choice but to be quietly disappointed and take no real administrative action. Shame on you.

If there is anything on this site that offends you, please close your browser or navigate to a site that offends you less. There should be no real need to take time out of your day to read something that makes you angry. There is even less of a need to engage in an angry dialogue regarding said content.

I haven’t read Beloved since I was assigned it in college. Not reading things is actually super easy!

Anyway, if you, the hypothetical reader, finds anything on this site amusing, interesting, or (God forbid) useful please share it with every person you have ever spoken to or internet-ed with. This is less an announcement and more of a plea. I am the Jehovah’s Witness of editors, except I am too lazy to even walk up to your damn door.

New content incoming. Go Mariners.

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