7/28/17 – New Episode of ‘Talk Sex w/ Podrick Payne’ #GameOfThrones #Stormborn #ReturnOfHotPie #FanService


‘Talk Sex w/ Podrick Payne’ – your one-stop Luckswing destination for everything Game of Thrones.

Season 7.2 “Stormborn aka The Return of Hot Pie” #BadFanService #GoodFanService

Benioff and Weiss’s war council of women. Varys being Varys…Olenna Tyrell foreshadowing? Finally a villain to love #Euron #TongueGoesOutToYou Arya heads home. The only safe Inn in Westeros #ReturnOfHotPie #BrownThatButter Dany vs. Jon vs. Sansa. Good bye big wolf #NymeriaFanService The difference between a Scorpion and a Ballista. Saying good bye to the sand snakes. Longships vs. Galleys. Greyworm + Missandei…#stopruiningperfectlyfinesceneswithnudity EURON EURON EURON THE OVER ALL PACING OF THIS SERIES And finally, the usual game of who will kill who?


Apologies again for the choppiness of last week’s recordings. I will not have to travel to Hawaii again with in a three day period before this season is over.

Posts is being released a bit late this week. Joey, myself, and hopefully Dujie will try to record earlier next week.

As you have noticed we have kind of done away with the Maester section this year around, simply because there are less tv show spoilers, since we have passed the books. If you are still worried about book spoilers or vice versa, let us know in comments on FB or our website and we will discuss bringing it back.

As always a big thank you to our new sound editor Harry Pepe! You might have noticed our snazzy new intro and that is all my man Harry. For the full version of the into just scope the outro. Also he does freelance work, hit him up – https://www.linkedin.com/in/hpepe4/ or on twitter @IVScore

Happy Pau Hana Friday Everyone! #ChoosingSides #Pirates #BakingLessons

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“The secret is browning the butter before making the dough. ” – HotPie

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