6/29/16 – New Episode of ‘Talk Sex w/ Podrick Payne’ #GameOfThrones #WindsofWinter #Troy


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Season 6.10 “Winds of Winter” #TROY!!!!!

(00:52) #CelloPianoMusic + #CreepyChildren, The Mountain and The Septa, Sweet Outfits, and terrorism in Kings Landing. Tommen, sigh T_T. The Citadel #OldTown, Life is irregular… #ChekhovsBook #WhiteRavens are expensive. Jon vs Sansa, Little Finger vs Jon? #WinterisComing Sansa > Jon. Daario is gone, eh. #TOWEROFJOY pt. 2 #R+#L=#J and #ChekhovsNurse Arya the smiling Murderer. Joey called it #FireandBlood, also Olenna > Sand Snakes #UltimateFanService and finally Margery played the game well. #RIPTyrells #Troy! #Troy!

(51:04) #RogueMaesterNation Joey, Stephen, and Clare are huge nerds. Who will inherit HighGarden. More Shout outs to Margery. Dany lands in Oldtown? What will Euron do? Magic Horns? Where is Kinvara? THE MANDERLYS!!! Factions up North? Dawn? More of Dorne? Maesters start playing a bigger narrative role?

(01:20:45) “The Light of the Seven” – aka that sweet ass score from the season finale – by Ramin Djawadi


Happy Wednesday Everyone! #Troy #SeasonFinales T_T

Another big thank you to Clare Sobetski for joining us this week.

It’s been an awesome season of Television, thank you so much to all our wonderful listeners.

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And so the Tenth month wait beings…

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