6/22/16 – New Episode of ‘Talk Sex w/ Podrick Payne’ #GameOfThrones #BattleoftheBastards #BattlesofIceandFire #MaritimeLaw


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Season 6.09 “Battle of the Bastards” #BattlesofIceandFire

(00:52) Joey, Dujie, and Stephen attempt to recap this week’s episode! HOLY SHIT. Dany used some Rare Candies to level up. #dragonrage Grey Worm’s sweet moves, and Tyrion sweet words… The progeny get a chance to redeem their predecessors #DanyTyrion2016. Fur looks bad ass. Rickon, one word #SERPENTINE!! Cold Winds up North. Did Sansa fuck up? John is the luckiest man alive, #CreatorsOwnWords Medieval Warfare is crazy, but highly entertaining. BraveHeart Yara + Dany #QueensFTW Ending with fun theories for the final episode (book spoiler free).

(48:59) #RogueMaesterNation Joey and Stephen are huge nerds, still… This is all just fun and short speculation for the final episode and seasons to come.


Happy Wednesday Everyone! #MARITIMELAW

Apologies we were extra silly this episode, and referenced the “Inside the Episode” way too much. We will always love you Dave and D.B.

Feel free to comment in with questions, or alternate theories. We would be happy to discuss the on the next episode!

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