6/07/16 – New Episode of ‘Talk Sex w/ Podrick Payne’ #GameOfThrones #TheBrokenMan #HoundArya2016


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Season 6.07 “The Broken Man”

(00:52) Joey, Stephen, and DUJIE reunite to recap this weeks episode, book spoiler free! THE HOUND IS BACK #FUCKYES ARYA HOUND MUST REUNITE. Margery Tyrell long gaame, #queen. Politics in Kings Landing. Canvasing in the cold with Sansa Stark and Jon Snow. BELLA RAMSAY is Lyanna Mormont! Jon speaks simply, Sansa writes an ominous letter. Kingslayer vs Blackfish. Thank GOD BRONN IS BACK. Arya is just dead, good by Braavos!! #2yearslost THE WORST THERAPY EVER, THEON + YARA #FRATFRATFRATFRATFRATFRAT Redemption, destiny, fuck the #Brotherhood. The Hound has his axe. #AryaHound2017

(50:31) #RogueMaesterNation Joey and Stephen get real nerdy and speculative. Faegon has dick warts. Quaith saves Arya? All landings lead to Dorne…#fuckthesandsnakes Sam and Gilly to Braavos, Arya must be saved? How does Arya get to the Hound, Nymeria returns? #LADYSTONEHEART


Happy Tuesday Everyone! #TheHound2016 president.

Hooray! Dujie has returned from galavanting all over the world. #poacheddragoneggs

Arya cynicism continues.

Shout out to Storm of Spoilers for the Waif checking privileged point.

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