5/17/16 – New Episodes of ‘Talk Sex w/ Podrick Payne’ #GameOfThrones


‘Talk Sex w/ Podrick Payne’ – your one-stop Luckswing destination for everything Game of Thrones.

Season 6.04 “Book of the Stranger”

(00:52) Joey and Stephen do a recap of this weeks episode, book spoiler free! Jon and Sansa’s reunion, budding romance between Tormund and Brienne, #fuckthewildings = #Trump2016, Dany’s #throughthefireandflames,GOOD SOUP and, more!

(102:44) Not a ton of book nerdiness this week: more chain jokes, clegane bowl?, fuck dorne, and the Seige of Meereen


We were actually on time this week!! Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Hopefully we won’t be as brain dead next week. #birthdays

Shout out to Dujie Tahat, as he is doing extensive food and NBA playoff research in the Bay Area.

Feel free to comment in with questions, or alternate theories. We would be happy to discuss the on the next episode!

Send in your own episode #s.

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