5/06/16 – #PodGoal: Game of Thrones!!! – ‘Talk Sex w/ Podrick Payne’

Ep. 21 ‘Talk Sex w/ Podrick Payne’ w/ Stephen Toyofuku and Joey Kern


‘Talk Sex w/ Podrick Payne’ – your one-stop Luckswing destination for everything Game of Thrones.

Season 6.02 “Home”

(00:52) Stephen Toyofuku recaps this week’s episode…just skip this part honestly…

(26:15) Maesters Stephen Toyofuku and Joey Kern talk about, Kingsmooting, Religion, House Reed and more!


Scheduling is again the enemy and Dujie was unable to join us this week. Fear not next week, Efficiency is coming.

Feel free to skip the first segment…

Still expect these normally on Tuesdays.

Happy Friday

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