4/8/16 – #PodGoals: This week on the Luckswing Podcast Channel

 It’s been a busy podcasting week for the squad.1 Keep up to date on what the squad’s been up to with our weekly round up of podcasts. Don’t forget to rate and share. You can find us on iTunes, PodOmatic and Soundcloud.2 #PodGoals

Ep. 17 ‘The Feed’ w/ Hari Raghavan, Joey Kern, and Dujie Tahat

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 ‘The Feed’ where we talked about things you’ve probably already heard about.

This week, Hari joins us to discuss Kim Kardasihan’s latest naked selfie (2:30), the US Women’s Soccer Team’s petition for equal pay (14:35), and #BirdieSanders (28:18).


Intro credit: Katy Perry – ‘Roar’

Ep. 16 ‘SPORTS!’ w/ Joey Kern and Dujie Tahat

sports podcast logo

‘SPORTS!’ is the our pod where we talk about SPORTS!, which makes sense sinse Luckswing started as a SPORTS! blog.

This week, we discuss our NCAA Tourney picks in preparation of the NBA playoffs, the major NBA themes and narratives of the year (read: Steph and the Warriors), and whether or not there’s any hope to be had for Mariner’s fans.

Intro credit: Drake + Future – ‘Big Rings’

Ep. 15 ‘Welcome to Luckswing’ w/ Joey Kern, Dujie Tahat, and Stephen Toyofuku

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‘Welcome to LuckSwing’ the flagship program of the Luckswing Channel.

This episode the boys talk about (2:00) The 2016 James Beard Award Nominees/ Netflix cooking programming, (13:55) Superman vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice and Superheroes in general, (31:21) Election Update!, (38:22) The removal of the statutes protecting special groups in North Carolina.


The sounds of cocktails can be heard in the background.

Joey spent a lot of time commenting on Stephen’s in studio physical gestures.

We love you Clare

Ep. 14 ‘Screens’ w/ Stephen Toyofuku and Bill Goatskey

screens podcast logo

‘Screens’ LuckSwing’s home for all things TV and Film.

This episode Stephen and Bill “The Goat” talk about the many facets of first two seasons of Steven Soderbergh and Jack Amiel’s “The Knick,” general period television, and how ‘content’ is a shit word.

Notes: Bill Goatskey may or may not be an alias.



  1. …compensating much?
  2. We’ll fix the Soundcloud issue soon!

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  1. loved #17 with my boi. Especially reminding me of the Abby Wambach commercial. Thanks dudes, my heart is bleeding.

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