4/28/16 – #PodGoal: Game of Thrones!!! – ‘Talk Sex w/ Podrick Payne’

Ep. 20 ‘Talk Sex w/ Podrick Payne’ w/ Stephen Toyofuku, Dujie Tahat, and Bill Goatskey


‘Talk Sex w/ Podrick Payne’ – your one-stop Luckswing destination for everything Game of Thrones.

Season 6.01 “The Red Woman”

(00:52) Stephen and Dujie recap and discuss the season premiere and what they hope to see in following weeks.

(24:59) Maesters in training Stephen and “The Goat” go into politics of the North, wtf Dorne, and more!


We (Stephen did…) obviously named the show after we recorded.

Joey Kern will typically be featured on this series.

Podrick Payne is the LuckSwing spirit animal.

During the Maester portion the call dropped a few times…

Expect these normally on Tuesdays.


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