4/3/17 – The LuckSwing Channel Returns! New Episode of ‘Screens!’ #LegionFX #Marvel #TV


‘Sceens!’ – where we talk about whatever the two of us happen to be watching.

It has been a long hiatus, but thank you all for your patience. We somehow let changing schedules, a dysfunctional laptop, and some other BS excuses spiral out of control. However, we are back and ready to give you all the new content you deserve. Lets all just blame the “Game of Thrones” withdrawal.

In this Episode Joey and Stephen talk about the full season of FX’s comic book series “Legion”, produced by “Fargo” (the series) creator Noah Hawley. Warning, there are spoilers. If you really hate spoilers feel free to watch “Legion” on FXNOW and then give this podcast a listen!

More to come this week on #Rick&Morty #MORERETURNS

Special Thank to Harry Pepe for sound mixing and editing.